Social Security & Disability

When you or a member of your family is faced with the harsh reality of living with a permanent disability it can be scary when trying to find the needed money for putting food on the table, a roof over your head, and clothing on your back. The experienced team at The Templeton Law Firm understands the importance of our client’s situations and that is why we fight as hard as we can until we win for you! To learn more about our Social Security and Disability services please click here.


Facing the circumstances that surround a divorce can be some of the most difficult in a client’s life. Often times many decisions have to be made and knowing which direction to move in can in can be very difficult. That is why the legal team at The Templeton Law Firm takes the necessary time and interest to understand our clients unique situation and help guide them in the most beneficial direction while representing their best interest at every turn. To learn more about our divorce services please click here.

Personal Injury

When an individual faces an injury that is at no fault of their own it can be difficult to assess what is and what is not fair in terms of compensation. Each personal injury circumstance is very unique and very different and must be treated as such. The legal team at The Templeton Law Firm spends quality time and concern getting to know the details of each claim and walks the client through every step until the best settlement possible is acquired. To learn more about our personal injury services please click here.

The Templeton Law Firm is located in the beautiful city of Gallatin, TN.  We are the premier firm for attorneys in Gallatin, TN and surrounding areas.  Our specialties include SSI & Disability, Divorce, and Personal Injury.  Our 25 years of business will provide you with confidence and security when working with our lawyers in Gallatin.  We recognize the seriousness and importance of having quality lawyers and attorneys representing you.  Whether you have lost a disability case, need counsel in a divorce, or need powerful representation in a personal injury settlement, The Templeton Firm is the most experienced choice in Gallatin. Call (615) 452-2587 or to schedule a free consultation please click here.